Refrigeration thermostats

efrigeration thermostats are specialized devices used in refrigerators and cooling systems to regulate and maintain the desired temperature inside the unit. They control the operation of the compressor and the circulation of the refrigerant to safeguard foods and other products from excessive heating or freezing. Refrigeration thermostats provide optimal conditions for storage and prolong the freshness of perishable goods.


-35 to +35 Deg Capilliary Thermostat KIT Universal Freezer Heating Cooling Air

Introducing our -35 to +35 Deg Capillary Thermostat KIT Universal, your all-in-one solution for accurate temperature regulation in a wide range of appliances.
From $10.30

Convert Freezer to Fridge Kegerator Thermostat Adapter KIT With Instructions

Whether you're looking to repurpose your freezer for a kegerator or simply need a more flexible cooling option, our converter is here to meet your needs.

Freezer refrigeration thermostat temp cooler controller, VS5 universal K54 P1102

A universal solution designed to ensure precise temperature management in freezers with alarm signals.

Thermostat for bottle cooler showcase temp cooler controller, K50 P1118 VB7 12-240V

This versatile thermostat ensures precise temperature regulation, allowing you to maintain optimal conditions for your beverages.

Thermostat for refrigerator temp cooler controller K50 P1125 single fridge 12 - 240V

A versatile solution designed to ensure optimal temperature management for single fridges.

Thermostat for refrigerator temp cooler controller K50 P1125 single fridge 12 - 240V

Make your fridge smarter and more efficient with this versatile thermostat, designed to work seamlessly with any fridge and any voltage!