Other thermostats

Other thermostats encompass a variety of devices used to regulate temperature across diverse contexts and applications. They range from standard thermostats for heating and cooling systems to specialized models for industrial processes and temperature control in settings like swimming pools, steam rooms, thermal spas, and more. Other thermostats may be programmable, digital, Wi-Fi-enabled, or sensor-based, depending on user requirements and application. They provide temperature control in various environments, serving purposes such as comfort, energy efficiency, and safety.



electronic fan temperature controlled thermostat regulator KIT 1A 12V 20C to 80C

Electronic Fan Temperature Controlled Thermostat Regulator KIT 1A 12V 20C to 80C

vertical show case, bottle cooler thermostat kit k50 p1118 (vb7)

Bottle cooler , vertical show-case THERMOSTAT KIT K50 P1118 (VB7)
From $10.70

STC-1000 Thermostat Temperature Controller Digital 110-220V Sensor Cooling Heatng

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