Delay off timers

Delay-off timers are devices that allow users to set a delay before turning off lighting or other electrical devices after they have been deactivated. This provides convenience and energy savings by preventing unnecessary power consumption, especially in cases where we forget to turn off the device.

Positive pulse activating timer switch relay delay OFF 1 to 13 / 270 sec kit 10A 12V

Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 13 / 270 SEC KIT 10A 12V
$12.00 $9.50

Car switch time relay timer, delay OFF 12 to 1200 sec kit, 10A 12V push button

Introducing our Timer Relay, a compact and efficient solution designed to provide precise timing intervals for a variety of applications.
$12.00 $9.50

Positive pulse timer switch relay 1 to 190 / 750 sec delay off led lights 12V+

Perfect for in-car reading lights and various other applications, this transistorized electronic timer operates on a 12-volt DC supply, making it a versatile addition to your vehicle.

24V 1A airbag relay truck bus mini car timer switch 1 to 10 sec kit delay off

Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 10 seconds. Timer for airbag light up to 10w 24v DC.

car timer switch time relay 1-150 sec kit delay off box 12V 20A direct 12V out

This TIMER is designed for delay off function. When power is applied - the output receive 12V and then when delay time end - the output voltage stop. The timer have positive switching output.

mini car timer switch time relay 0 to 150 sec kit 12v/10a delay OFF universal

Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 150 seconds.
From $9.10