Adjustable passenger seat fused airbag sensor emulator belt simulator bypass SRS

🛠️ Upgrade your diagnostic toolkit with our Adjustable Airbag Simulator Tester! 🚗
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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🛠️ Upgrade your diagnostic toolkit with our Adjustable Airbag Simulator Tester! 🚗

🔧 Versatile Compatibility: Settable resistance values from 1.3 ohms to 7.1 ohms, covering a wide range of airbag systems.

👍 Easy Adjustment: Simply move the connector to match the desired resistance value listed on the plate, making it user-friendly and convenient.

⚡ Built-in Fuse Protection: Equipped with a 1A fuse to safeguard the computer from potential damage during activation signal transmission.

🔍 Diagnostic Aid: These simulators are designed for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes, helping you identify and resolve issues with airbag systems effectively.

🚨 Safety Assurance: Ensures that the airbag computer registers the presence of airbags or seat belt pretensioners, potentially turning off the airbag light in the absence of other issues.

🧰 Comprehensive Applications: Suitable for use with most Airbag SRS Systems, including various types of airbags, seat belt pretensioners, and SRS components with inflators.

📏 Convenient Design: Compact dimensions of 40mm x 28mm x 21mm, with a distance of approximately 2.54mm between connection legs and 10mm leg length.

📦 Package Contents: Includes the Airbag Simulator Tester and detailed instructions for easy installation and use.

Ensure your airbag system functions optimally with our Adjustable Airbag Simulator Tester - a must-have tool for automotive diagnostics! 🚘

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